It’s been a year since we’ve created AmiiboSteal, and we couldn’t have been more grateful where we are today. It’s been a blast collaborating and connecting with a diverse community of toys to life enthusiasts. Its been a growing experience from day one and we continue to learn and perfect our skills. We want to thank everyone who’s been following us since day one. This is a huge milestone for us because we never expected to grow as quickly as we have and it’s all because of you, our community. You all are our rock and you all motivate us to dream big and work hard. From the moment we wake, we’re constantly trying to find great deals and alerts that will help all collectors. AmiiboSteal was created with the sole purpose of helping new and old collectors on deals, alerts and information about the availability of amiibo. Even though the hype of amiibo has simmered down, our love for you all has not. As we enter our one year anniversary, their are many projects and activities we’re planning for you. We’re constantly looking for new and fresh ideas that will help us branch out to new and old collectors, making their collecting experience the best it can be. There are many ways of achieving this, and it all starts with you, our supporters. 
We want to give you all the best content and we need your help. How can you help you might ask? You can always contact us to share your opinions on how we are doing as a community, suggesting new idea and information that you feel that will be valuable to us and the community as a whole. 


Patreon is a great tool that allows us to create income for our projects for our community and after all we want to expand on everything we do. So far, everything we do has been coming out of our own pocket which isn’t a problem but any little bit always helps. Supporting us on Patreon will allow us to expand our work with new features on our website, better equipment to record and create a YouTube channel for all your amiibo inquiries, and to continuously give back to our community by doing giveaways on our social media accounts and exclusive giveaways to our Patreon members. We’re always looking into doing more and giving back and with your support, we’ll for sure reach our goals. 

Amiibo Spotlight

Each week we feature new and exciting customs from talented custom artists within the community. We’re going to expand on this more by creating a poll every month to vote for your favorite custom of the month. Custom work is one thing we ultimately respect and we want to showcase it everywhere we can. We’re going to kick this off starting in July. You’ll be able to vote on our Twitter account each month and we’ll announce the winning custom on our website! 
Team Members:

We plan on expanding our content and we’re always looking for talented individuals who would love to contribute to our community. Whether you’re a writer, graphics designer or anyone who would like to offer help, our online application is available now. Follow the guidelines to get your application reviewed. 

We hope you all continue to enjoy our content and we want to thank you all for becoming part of this momentous day for us and our community. Looking back at this year we’ve had such a great time helping everyone’s collection, updating you all on all related amiibo news! We’ll continue to update you all on everything you need to know in deals, availability and news! 

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Written by Josue Ponce
Editor-in-Chief & Founder of AmiiboSteal

Before starting AmiiboSteal, Josue has always been an avid Nintendo fan. His first console being the Nintendo 64, led him to play and enjoy many years of Nintendo games. Josue aspires to one day being a Musical Theatre Major at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy). His addiction for amiibo hunting began during Wave 4, and has never looked back. Josue’s original goal was to purchase all his mains in Sm4sh, but once he fulfilled that goal, he couldn’t stop. Being a NIB (New-In-Box) collector, Josue keeps his amiibo in their original packaging and admires them from a far.

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