The launch of the Shovel Knight amiibo is imminent, and we’ve received an average stock number for its release for store locations in the U.S. According to the moderators and trusted sources within the amiibo subreddit, Shovel Knight will be limited at launch.


Low Volume stores will receive two or less, Average stores will receive anywhere from 4-8 and High Volume stores will receive approximately 10 or less.


BestBuy did have short preorder windows, last year in December. These preorders were taken down because they shouldn’t have been up in the first place, according to YachtClubGames Reddit Moderator, Shane. The online placeholder should go up on Friday.


Low Volume will receive two or less, Average Volume will receive about 4-8 and High Volume stores will receive 12-16.


Target has allocated roughly ~4,000 Shovel Knight amiibo for their online inventory, according to a trusted source, TargetLeaks.

Target usually puts their placeholders within the same week of an items launch on Friday/Sunday.


The stock should be about the same as BestBuy & Target. It is unknown whether the retailer will sell the amiibo on their website.


The stock numbers for GameStop stores will be at or  above its competitor, BestBuy.


GameStop has been very reliant in the past with launch releases, and will be available on their website. The online inventory stock numbers is unknown.


Along with BestBuy, Amazon did have a short preorder window and was taken down because the retailer opened preorders early which shouldn’t have happened in the first place as previously said.

Amazon will open orders on Friday for its release. We’re still awaiting a time from an Amazon Rep, AmazonAndrew. We’ll update this section once we’ve obtained this information. Feel free to bookmark this placeholder link!

UPDATE: Shovel Knight is up for preorder on Amazon! (Now sold out)


If I preordered Shovel Knight, through Amazon or BestBuy will my preorder be cancelled?

– No, preorders that were taken will be honored.

Will Shovel Knight be rare in the future?

The folks at YachtClubGames’s are aware of the past rarity with prior waves in amiibo, and are working diligently on getting shipments in after its launch. So, no need to panic, you’ll get him.

We’ll keep you updated once the Shovel Knight amiibo goes up for purchase online on our social media pages. The Shovel Knight amiibo will make it’s U.S debut on January 8th, 2016.

Sources: /r/amiibo | /r/shovelknight | Destructoid


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Written by Josue Ponce
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