Corin: The announcement began with Corin from Fire Emblem Fates joining in Smash Bros! Corin has many different coCorinstumes much like the Wii Fit Trainer, giving both Male and Female alternatives. Corin’s move-sets were explained in depth, including Corin’s final smash attack being Torrential Roar! Corin has the ability to transform into a dragon.

After activating a Dragon attack, his head will transform. Corin has a strong counter which allows him to give equal amounts of damage in attacks. No new stages will be coming with Corin, although two additional tracks will be added with the purchase of Corin to the existing Fire Emblem stages, “Lost in Thoughts All Alone”, and a remixed version of the theme song.


Corin is set out to be released sometime next year in February and will be updated on the official Smash Bros website.

Cloud: Cloud was also mentioned throughout the broadcast, explaining his move-sets and more information of his two advent costumes.

For more information on his special attacks and move-sets, make sure to watch the detailed explanation covered by Mr. Sakurai. 

Midgar Stage:

Midgar Stage
Midgar is where the journey began in Final Fantasy VII, which will give players the ability to play on a stage where they’ll be summoning monsters through the ‘Summon Materia’. When a player aquires it, the terrain will be changed depending on the monster that is summoned. The stage will allow you to take points of any deaths that occurred during the time of the summon, so make sure to get as much Summon Materia as you can!

Cloud & Midgar Stage is available for download as of today via the eShop! The price for Cloud & the Midgar is stage is $6.99 for both Wii U & 3DS consoles and $5.99 separately.

Chocobo & Geno costumes will be coming to Smash Bros! They will also be available today alongside other costumes.

Bayonetta: Bayonetta the umbra was also announced during the stream! Bayonetta was the winner of the Smash Bros Ballot! She was thought as the ideal character to come to Smash, having many move sets as the original games including her counter Witch Time!


Smash Ballot/Attacks: Bayonetta was the winner of the Smash Ballot, being the #1 Choice in Europe, and within the top 5 in North America including previous characters from older Smash Bros games. Bayonetta is a combo fighter including all her attacks. Her WitchTime move is a counter like attack, which allows you to slow the gameplay of your opponents, which can give you time to attack your opponents, being one of her signature moves!

Moveset Bayo bayo 4 bayo 3 Bayo 2







Bayo costume
Bayonetta also had many different costume variants, from the Original Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 and “Jeanne” colors. She is quite the hottie!


Her final Smash being the ‘Infernal Climax’ summons the monster Gomorrah to damage enemy opponents. Once an opponents attack rise over a 100%, they will be instantly K.O! So watch out!

The Umbra Clock Tower:


The Umbra Clock Tower was recreated from the original Bayonetta, which is a flat platform that has moving platforms come to mix and mess things up. The stage will go through an alternative world called “Purgatorio”, where an army of angels will come and disappear. Soundtracks will come along with the map, including new trophies, Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Rodin, and Cereza.

Bayo coming
Bayonetta and the Umbra Clock Tower will be coming next year sometime in February, and will be announced on the official Smash Bros website.

Famicom Rob, Roy & Ryu amiibo will be available for purchase on March 18th, 2016! As previously reported, Roy will be a GameStop exclusive and we’ll get more information on the other two in the coming months.


Confirmation for amiibo production was announced for Cloud, Corin and Bayonetta. These three fighters await an official release date for their amiibo and will be announced at a later date.

Let us know what you thought about the Smash Bros announcement? Were you excited to see Corin & Bayonetta being announced as new DLC characters? Let us know below or via Twitter! We can’t wait to hear from you all! If you missed the broadcast, make sure to check it out!

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